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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Visiting Family

         It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Arizona, but by the time you read this, I will be winging my way to Texas to visit my son and his lovely (and I do mean lovely) wife. She’s extraordinary. Not just because she loves my son, but because she’s one of the nicest people I know (she's smart, too! And funny!). Her entire family is the same….genuinely sweet people. It’s a joy to spend time with them.
I also be seeing my two grand-puppies (yes, you read that right….grand-puppies). One I’ve met before. She’s the cutest, most affectionate little Chihuahua. My son has had her for quite a few years now and loves her to pieces. The newest grand-puppy is a big, hulking German shepherd (he's wanted one for a long time...he grew up with shepherds…we got our first one—Maggie—before he was born). I think my son’s shepherd is about 9 months old now and huge, but still very much a puppy (bigger dogs take longer to leave puppyhood, if they ever do). One would assume this great big dog would rule the house, but that would be a wrong assumption….it’s the Chihuahua! She barks and he jumps! I love that!
My other plans for this long weekend trip of mine? Rest, relax, and catch up on some reading (my Kindle is full of wonderful novels I haven’t had time to read). I might even write a little (don’t hold me to it though). I know I’ll eat things I shouldn’t (both my son and his wife are good cooks) but the best thing I’ll do on my visit is laugh. Yes, laugh. No one can make me laugh quite like my son—unless, of course, it’s my DH….they share the same kind of humor…it’s outrageous and irreverent and sometimes –all right, most times—borders on sarcastic! I love to laugh. The more belly laughs I get, the better I feel about everything. It truly is the best medicine!       
So, until we meet again….

Happy reading (and laughing!)

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