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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Riding Wood by Abigail Graham and Vanessa Waltz

Authors Graham and Waltz got together to write a Sweet and Smutty Quickie, as they call it!  My guess is that one took on the hero and the other created the heroine, but you’d never know because they meld so well together.

I did get my lumberjack fix in this story :) Actually, Lucas is a painter and darn good at it.  He has a secluded cabin in the woods and does his own wood splitting, which equals lumberjack to me.

Alexa is a photographer on a weekend camping trip with friends.  One of the friends is set to date her, but she thinks he’s such a child.  Riding Wood

Alexa is off on her own taking nature pictures, the sun sinks low, and she spies a mass of sweaty muscles chopping wood.  Who wouldn’t stop and stare?

She trips and twists her ankle (always handy not to be able to get back to base camp, but I don’t care!).  Lucas to the rescue!

The double conflict holds back a long-term romance, yet Lucas and Alexa practice in between their doubts.

A fun story to read and find out how the conflicts are deflected and Alexa gets Lucas, or is it the other way around?

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