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Friday, April 21, 2017

Raising The Dead? I think not!

Hey, gang.  How are ya’all today?  Good, I hope!

Well, I’m going to keep things short and sweet today.  Last week my computer suffered a hard drive crash.  Yep, got up one morning and everything was gone.  Apparently, there are degrees of hard drive crashes, and some can be recovered from…some cannot.  Yeah, and as Murphy would have it…mine was a crash of the highest order.  Nothing minor for me…just go straight for the BIG ONE!


Sorry…just had to say it one more time.  Actually, that’s one of the nicer words I’ve been uttering over the past week.  I have taken out every curse word I own and exercised it until it screamed “Uncle!”  Still didn’t bring my hard drive back to life.  Small children and animals are starting to hide from me.  It…is…NOT…pretty.  My family has hidden all my guns, just as a precaution.

So while Googling hard drive crashes, I ran across what I thought were some interesting titles for articles…titles that brought to mind things other than what the author intended, I’m sure.  In any case, I thought perhaps you might enjoy hearing some of them.  Here are just a few…

Hard Drive Crashed – Affordable Clean Room Recovery.
This one brought to mind a hard drive sitting on an operating table in the OR, with a team of doctors standing around shaking their heads...not repairable.  Boy, I’d hate to see that if it were me on the table!

What Is A Hard Drive Crash and What You Can Do About It.
I know the answer to that…absofreakinglutely NOTHING!  Except cry and curse, of course. 

Raising The Dead:  Can A Regular Person Repair A Hard Drive Crash?
No.  We are back to the crying and cursing.

Hard Drive Crash Recovery.
Sounds like a support group.

Fast, Expert Data Recovery.
Like slow, inexperienced data recovery is an option?

Emergency Hard Drive Recovery.
When is hard drive recovery NOT an emergency?  You ever heard of that?

Data Loss and Hard Drive Failure.
I think I’m gonna leave that one alone, but one of Cassie Ryan’s erotic romances comes to mind.

Do It Yourself Solution:  Hard Drive Crash Recovery
I don’t know…this one just sounds like a bad idea if you’ve had to Google it on the internet.

Hard Drive Failing?  Here Are The Warnings and Solutions You Need.
Too late for warnings!  What I need now is an effing miracle…where is one of those?!

Okay, I said I would keep it short, so I’ll stop here.  The bottom line is that a week ago, I would have sworn there wasn’t a universe in which I would ever trust all my precious data in The Cloud.  Now I can’t get it there fast enough!

So for those of you who are on the fence…take a lesson from Stupid Girl…who just lost an entire completed/edited manuscript, and whose patient is dead!  Take precautions NOW.  Either back your data up hourly or daily, keep 4 redundant sets of data, threaten your computer with a horrible death should it crash…or consider The Cloud or some other sort of formal backup process.  Stupid Girl liked to live on the edge, where she would do a drag and drop of all updated files about once a quarter…which is about how much data she has now lost.  LOL

That’s my story, frustrating and freaked-out, and I’m stickin’ to it.  So hang on tight now, ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!  (After my upload to the cloud is complete…which should be about 6 days from now.  Sigh.)

Love ya,



  1. Almost as bad is getting struck with one of those Ransomeware viruses. They demand you PAY them to recover it and they might not even unencrypt it anyway. Sounds like extortion to me. YUP...still trying to get my files and pics back. GRRRRRRR

    1. Yikes!!! I wish those people would just GET A JOB!

  2. It happens to the best of you. We were just glad we were around to talk you off the ledge before you wasted a bullet on your old hard drive. It wasn't worth wasting a perfectly good bullet on... Just sayin'

    1. Soo true! And without you and your dear hubby, I mighta used the second bullet on myself. Just sayin'... :)

  3. Unless ur hard drive caught fire Abby Shoot can pull data off. Send it to Gibbs.

  4. Oh, Kayce, how awful! I keep hearing about hard drive crashes and how everyone will have one at one point or another, but so far I've been spared. Of course, I'm absolutely paranoid about backup and do backup to thumb drives and a larger external drive multiple times each day.

    My technology challenge story relates to the new Creators release of Windows 10 and the fact that Office stopped working properly once it was installed. It took Microsoft's Level 2 support six excruciating and exhausting (at least for me) hours to resolve the problem. You'll appreciate knowing that the resolution was to install the 64-bit version of Office, since the 32-bit one was somehow incompatible with the new version of Windows. Strangely, no one else had reported this problem. Why me?