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Friday, May 26, 2017

EDEN REVEALED (Eden #4) by Lexi Post has Released!

If you've been waiting for Toni's story, your wait is over! Eden Revealed, the 4th book in the Eden Series released today! This is a long romance that just didn't want to end. In fact, I even wrote some bonus content. So if you read this story and would like just a few pages more, post a review somewhere and send the link to and you will be sent 3 more short scenes!

But first, you should decide if you want to read Eden Revealed. I have to tell you it is HOT, it is menage, and it has characters from all the other books in it; however, it is still a stand alone romance. 

And for those who love the planet Eden, rest assured, I will be going back there. I mean, seriously, how could I resist? Besides the hunky, naked Edenists, there are still a number of mysteries to be solved on Eden.

I did bring a short excerpt with me for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it :-)

Always, Lexi

Eden Revealed Blurb:

Former stunt woman, Toni Reid, has adopted Eden as her new home. What’s not to like with naked hunks walking around and women being worshipped by them? She doesn’t mind the distraction of spying on one of the leaders of the Ruling Circle too much, but just as she discovers his secret, she’s caught.

Akasha is next in line to ascend to the Triad panel, those who determine which men are morally good enough to receive a portal chip. His connections to people have been minimal to keep his future judgments unbiased, but when he discovers Toni spying, he has no choice but to capture her and discover what she knows.

Sandale is busy learning about who he was before his memory wipe. Traveling to Naralina to rescue Toni is a good excuse to meet his family and find himself again. He discovers Toni is more than a task, she is a force to be reckoned with, and his focus quickly shifts.

Akasha and Sandale are soon embroiled in a plot that could well send Eden back into another world war over women. The only way to stop it is to work together with Toni, but working to stop a world war is easy when compared to laying siege to Toni’s heart. 

Eden Revealed Buy Links:

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Excerpt from Eden Revealed:

    Leaning out over the edge of the cliff a bit more, Toni worked her hand forward on the root and stretched. Her other hand latched onto the rock and lifted. As triumph rushed through her veins, the root beneath her other hand loosened. Fuck!
   She braced herself with the rock in hand against the cliff wall as the root slithered from her hand. Fuck, the thing was alive!
    If she was still on Earth, she could easily bring herself back to an upright position, but her core had weakened over the months and she hesitated to try. She was stretched out over the chasm, her hands against the loose dirt of the mountain and she needed leverage. Maybe she could move a leg up to brace—
    An arm came around her waist and she fell backward, landing on Akasha’s chest, which was only slightly more forgiving than the stone floor of the patrio.
    “Woman, is staying with me so terrible that you must risk your life to escape?” Akasha’s chest beneath her pounded with his racing heart.
    “Of course not!” Her own adrenaline at the scare pounded through her, and she quickly rolled off him onto the stone floor. “I just wanted this rock.” She held it up for him to see.
    He looked at her as if she’d just told him the sun had blown up. “A rock.”
    She nodded. Shit, now she looked like an idiot. “I’m not like other women here.”
    He rolled his eyes and shook his head as he sat up, his abs crunching far harder than hers ever had. “I know.”
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