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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Back from Texas

         Hello, gentle readers!
I’m back from my trip to Texas (and the day job and all my normal routines). I had a wonderful time (although it is good to be home…I missed my DH and my fur-baby). BUT…I did exactly as I said I would….laughed a lot and ate a lot (yes, many things I shouldn’t have, but it was all delicious! My son and his wife are excellent cooks!). And I relaxed. So nice to have time off to do nothing (that DOES NOT happen at home! The mistress of this blogsite calls me the Energizer Bunny and for good reason….I’m always busy and constantly in motion!).
         I also fell in love…with my son’s German shepherd. His name is Kane, but that didn’t last very long with me….I dubbed him “Handsome Boy” and he truly is a handsome boy. At nine months old, I would guess he weighs about 85 pounds (judging by how heavy he was when he crawled in my lap….yes, he thinks he’s a lap dog). The little one, Bella the Chihuahua, thinks she’s part cat. She, too, jumped up on my lap but wasn’t content to stay there…rather, she likes to crawl around your neck, like a cat would. Needless to say, I enjoyed their company as much as I enjoyed that of my son and his wife.
I saw lightning bugs, too! For a transplanted New Jersey girl who hasn’t seen lightning bugs in over thirty years, this thrilled me no end—brought me right back to being a kid again.
         I did get to do some reading while I was there (yes, my eyes are still blurry) and I have two books to recommend. The first is The Lie and the Lady by Kate Noble. This was my first Kate Noble novel and I have to say I loved it. The writing is fabulous, the characters were real and the plot was excellent. I daresay Kate Noble has another fan and I’ll be reading more of her books.
         The second is The Three Fates of Ryan Love by Erin Quinn. I’ve read Ms. Quinn before (I LOVE her stuff!). Ms. Quinn writes beautifully, painting pictures with her words to make you feel like you’re RIGHT THERE in the story. Have to admit I was a little heartbroken when the story ended.
         And that’s all for me….Texas is lovely, but there’s no place like home!

As always, happy reading!

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