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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson

Vampires, suspense, and romance make a chilling mix.

Kristi Bentz returns to college signing up for English classes, which includes a popular study of vampires.

How vampires are included in English is a ruse to interest students versus all dull (granted, I don’t find English dull) curriculum. 

Kristi’s purpose is to become a true crime writer.  Her chosen campus is the perfect place to study and to research the disappearance of four young women from this same college.Lost Souls (New Orleans, #5)

All the missing women have taken English along with belong to a vampire cult led by the professor of the class.

A fill-in professor of one of Kristi’s classes is surprisingly a boyfriend from ten years ago, who also works for the county forensics and police department.  Jay McKnight might have to be Kristi’s knight in shining armor for her to survive the multiple suspects surrounding the campus.

The obvious suspects are watched, but there’s many more that need a critical eye, be it a group of students, professors, and various on persons on the grounds.

Jackson did an outstanding performance on whipping the story into a frenzy and keeping the reader guessing on who committed the crimes, who will survive, and who just might find a permanent love through all the horror.

Best read at night under your blankets!

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