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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Those Who Love the Night by Wessel Ebersohn

Those Who Love Night by Wessel Ebersohn

Abigail Bukula, a South African attorney, meets up with the corrupt police regime of Zimbabwe. 

Abigail knew of the massacre that killed her relatives years ago, but is called to represent a remaining cousin accused of political wrongdoings and supposedly held in a Zimbabwean prison.  It’s not a place known for its d├ęcor or cooking, but rather low life expectancy.  those who love night by wessel ebersohn

Abigail’s husband, a big-time journalist, flippantly lets her leave the safety of home without offering to go with.  She’s afraid he’s having an affair with his intern.

During her heartache over the marriage, Abigail is accompanied by her friend and prison psychologist to confront the country’s director of the intelligence agency.

The intelligent agent appears to be helpful, yet it’s best to be wary.  The agent attempts to claim Abigail for more than her work or friendship.  Abigail's trust bounces back and forth with the handsome man, but she also worries about her husband back at home.

The novel is dark and dangerous, leaving the reader to push Abigail to be careful, be wise, and make the right decisions for work and romance.

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