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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Centrifugal Force by Lisa J Lickel

Loved the complexity of this story.  The main plot is layered with multiple sub-plots leaving no room for idle pages.

Rachel Michels has a past she’d rather forget except for her daughter that came from it.

Yet, we all know the past catches up with us and isn’t always what it seems.

Rachel’s daughter left the house for college and her own life not far away.  Rachel dabbles in the idea of dating again and doesn’t truly trust her own intuition, but gives it a shot.Centrifugal Force    Centrifugal Force   Centrifugal Force

Between a date with a colleague, Scott, and the arrival of her former lover and father to her daughter, Rachel finds herself in the middle of a global political battle. 

Gervas Friedemann has several reasons for traveling from his home in Germany to Wisconsin.  He wants his daughter from one of his wives to undergo experimental medicine, intends to see Rachel to get back an historic heirloom, and promised his brother who’s running for a high governmental position to help with an alleged blackmail scam. 

The story keeps us in suspense as to what’s really true, what’s most important, and who Scott and Gervas really are.

Rachel is thrown into the mix of political espionage along with a heart swelling and breaking along the way.  Rachel needs to play the game and find out what is truly right for her and her daughter, never leaving love behind because happily ever after is the most important component.

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