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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Reader Interview: Yvette

Today I have my interview with romance reader, Yvette Nolen. She's my age, but she lives on the opposite side of the world in Australia!
Lexi: How did you get into reading romance novels? 
Yvette: Been reading them since I was a teenager as my Mum and Grandma read them.

Lexi: Tell me about your pets. 
Yvette: I have an old red heeler (Aussie cattle dog) called Megs, a two-year old husky malamute cross called Jett and two Abyssinian cats called Peppa and Chilli. My hand raised Galah (Georgie) now lives with my Daughter Bree.

Lexi: Wow, that your dogs cat and cockatoo all got along, says a lot about what a great home you have 😊 So, what are you good at?  
Yvette: I used to sing and dance in a cabaret style group of four women and prior to having an accident related brain injury, I was fairly artistic.  I have just begun painting again, experimenting with new styles as I only have 35% vision and cannot paint or draw with the fine detail I once could.

Lexi: I think it’s great that you are painting again! Fine detail is not all there is to it. I bet you’ll create some beautiful pieces.
If you could name a character in a romance novel, what would you name him or her? Why? 
Yvette: I like the names Grace and Lily because they remind me of delicate femininity.  Years ago, I read a book where the male lead's name was Broud which reminded me of masculine strength and virility. 

 Lexi: What makes you happy?
Yvette: Being with family and friends and the fact I survived my accident, despite my disabilities so I can spend time with my three young grandchildren.

Lexi: And what about your significant other?
Yvette: My husband Mark is a strong, loving, funny and supportive man who has been my rock since my accident. He's a devoted father, poppy and my best friend. We will celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary in September this year.

Lexi: He sounds wonderful! He’s your favorite man, so what’s your favorite dessert? 
Yvette: I love apple crumble with cream and ice cream.  Cheesecake is hard to pass up too.

Lexi: What types of romances do you like to read? 
Yvette: Romantic suspense, historical romance, paranormal romance and some contemporary and scifi romances. I don't mind series as long as each book is a standalone with a HEA. I like all levels of heat, depending on my mood.

Lexi: What are you proud of?
Yvette: I am proud of the adults my children have become.  I'm also proud of being able to accept the new me and the dramatic changes in my life since my accident. I'm proud of being able to joke and laugh about my disabilities which helps others to be more comfortable around me.

Lexi: You sound so amazing! What’s your average day look like? 
Yvette: Medication morning and night, various therapies and medical appointments followed by a nice nanna nap. Spending time with my pets and enjoying the gardens in our new home.

Lexi: What’s your perfect day look like? 
Yvette: Reading, reading, and once I've done that.....I'd like to read. Unfortunately, these perfect days are imaginary.

Lexi: Oh, I understand that, but it’s fun to imagine. How many hours a week do you spend reading romance? 
Yvette: Not as many as I'd like.  I usually read before bed for a couple of hours each night which is so not enough.

Lexi: LOL. Who made the biggest impact on your life? 
Yvette: My Husband and my Grandma. 

Lexi: If you could go on an all expense paid vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? 
Yvette: No where.  Traveling is very difficult for me as I suffer from stroke fatigue.  I adore our new home and tranquil gardens so I would try to send someone else who could appreciate it more.

Lexi: You are so sweet! How many books do have in your “To Be Read” pile (means you’ve bought them but still need to read)? 
Yvette: Well over 2000.

Lexi: Wow! If you could give someone what they wanted most, what and who would it be? 
Yvette: A new home each for my two children.

Lexi: What a lovely idea. How many romance authors are on your auto-buy list? 
Yvette: None

Lexi: What kind of car do you drive? If you had your choice, would it be that one or a different one?
 Yvette: I'm unable to drive due to my disabilities, but if I could, I'd love another motorbike.

Lexi: How many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren all total do you have?
Yvette: Two children (Anthony and Breanna) and three grandchildren (Sienna, who’s five, Lexii, who’s almost two and Axton, who’s seven weeks).

Lexi: Congratulations on the new grandson. I have to say I’m partial to the two-year old, Lexii 😉 What do you do for fun (besides reading romance novels)?
Yvette: Spend time with friends and family, having a couple of drinks and a lot of laughs.

Lexi: What did you think you’d be when you grew up?
 Yvette: A veterinary nurse.

Lexi: What don’t most people on social media not know about you?
Yvette: I don't use social media.

Lexi: What’s your favorite holiday? Why? 
Yvette: Any that celebrates our lord Jesus.

Lexi: What mistake have you made that you learned the most from?
Yvette: Believing people value friendship the way I do.

Lexi: What color eyes do you have? 
Yvette: Blue, green, grey depending on the light.

Lexi: How old do you think is perfect for a hero?
Yvette: Thirty or above for a romantic hero, otherwise heroes can be any age.

Lexi: Do you collect anything? If so, what?
Yvette: Nothing really.

Lexi: What are you afraid of? 
Yvette: My kids and grandkids being in any sort of turmoil.

Lexi: What educational background do you have? 
Yvette: I failed Year 10 and was pulled out of school half way through year 11 to live with my father. Despite my poor educational level, I managed to work my way up to a $100k data analyst and report development position.

Lexi: Wow! That’s an fantastic accomplishment! Do you dream at night? Do you remember your dreams? 
Yvette: Yes to both.

Lexi: What are some of your favorite movies? 
Yvette: I don't really have favourites as such and rarely watch a movie more that 2 or 3 times.  I recently watched The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler (wiping drool from chin) and Katherine Heigl which I really enjoyed. 

Lexi: I so get that! Okay, now for some one-word answers: Dark-haired hero or light-haired? 
Yvette: Either
Lexi: Vanilla or chocolate? 
Yvette: Chocolate 
Lexi: Hot and spicy or sweet and chaste? 
Yvette: Either
Lexi: Spicy food or not spicy? 
Yvette: Not spicy
Lexi: Beard or no beard? 
Yvette: Either but I prefer a trim beard.
Lexi: Hot weather or cold? 
Yvette: Either
Lexi: Chest hair or no chest hair? 
Yvette: Either
Lexi: Morning person or night person? 
Yvette: I'm a night owl 'cos that's my reading time.
Lexi: Rich hero or blue-collar hero? 
Yvette: Either
Lexi: Coffee or tea? 
Yvette: Coffee Latte 
Lexi: Beach or mountains? 
Yvette: Mountains 
Lexi: Cats or dogs? 
Yvette: Love both but probably cats
Lexi: Hero with long hair or short? 
Yvette: Either
Lexi: Rent or own? 
Yvette: Own....woohoo
Lexi: Working or retired? 
Yvette: I'm retired due to disability 
Lexi: Blonde heroine or brunette? 
Yvette: Either
Lexi: City or town? 
Yvette: Town
Lexi: Cook or eat out? 
Yvette: Either
Lexi: Tattoos or no tattoos? 
Yvette: Mmmm love a tattooed hotty.
Lexi: Pajamas or naked? 
Yvette: Naked

Lexi: Thank you, Yvette, for letting me interview you. I feel like I’ve made a new friend 😊

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