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Monday, February 19, 2018

Veronica Reviews: UNDEFEATED by Stuart Reardon and Jane Harvey-Berrick

“It was the connection of people who just fit, for no particular reason. They differed and yet they were alike—changed, altered by events from their past.”

Nick Renshaw’s dream has always been to play rugby for his country in the Premier League World Cup. But when an injury puts him on the sidelines, he starts to see his dream transform into a nightmare from which he cannot wake. Enter Dr. Anna Scott—a psychologist that specializes in sports, and how the stress and injuries affect the athletes both physically as well as mentally. Dr. Scott is dedicated to her job, and when she meets Nick Renshaw, she holds firm to not letting past mistakes come back to haunt her. But there is just something about this man… With each passing day, they know they cannot step over the bounds of Dr/Patient. But when you meet your soulmate, how far will you go to claim what is yours? 

Nick and Anna are both broken, but in different ways. This romance is filled with second chances at finding love…and always trying to achieve some version of a HEA.

Stuart Reardon has co-written a romance filled with heart! Highly Recommend!

Sharing what I love, Veronica

Veronica is an avid reader with a flair for writing honest reviews. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and son. 

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