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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Veronica Reviews: WAYWARD SON by Jillian Neal

5 Stars
Well I'm shameless when it comes to loving you

I'll do anything you want me to

I'll do anything at all

-Shameless, Garth Brooks

Just a little disclosure about this reviewer…I’m not a country music fan and really don’t read too many cowboy stories. Just not my genre, but there are a few every now and then that catch this cover whore’s eye, and I just had to take a chance on Jillian Neal’s Wayward Son. 

Dear Reader, I am sure glad I did. Colt is an alpha male cowboy that could naughty talk your knickers off in less than 8 seconds! Trust me! You will be ready to saddle up and ride this cowboy! Colt and Avery go together like peas and carrots. I loved this story! Pimped to all my reader friends, and now I’m recommending to you! This is a standalone story, so don’t worry about it being part of a series. Now go one click!

Fav quotes:

“She would dance in his arms, only for him. He would set her free and make her fly.”

“I promise that I will always be the man you need me to be.”

“…sometimes the most f**ked-up shit in this world can still get us where we’re supposed to be.”

Sharing what I love,  Veronica

Veronica is an avid reader with a flair for writing honest reviews. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and son. 

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