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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

One True Mate-5 Shifter's Rogue by Lisa Ladew

A truly delightful read!  Paranormal, romance, and characters with amazing personalities.

Mac, a wolfen shifter, is innocent, funny, strong, verile, and sexy as all get out!  He’s been told by his (hard for him to admit) friend, Bruin, a bear shifter, that his one true mate will appear at the yearly “rut” session.

Mac has a quirky friendship with Bruin.  Their words, full of wit and lots of expletives, made me chuckle as I read.  They each have their own powers as they tumble toward making Mac’s dream come true.Shifter's Rogue  (One True Mate, #5)     Shifter's Rogue  (One True Mate, #5)

Rogue has been a thief and liar her whole life.  It was the only way to survive and she knew nothing else but to steal from the stealers and give to the more deserving.  For a cost, of course.  She also has unusual and unknown powers to make interesting things go her way. 

She never lets her guard down and is astounded that anyone, let alone Mac, would want her for life, to cherish and love.  That’s a new concept and she’s not giving in easily. 

Rogue has a target on her back and the only one to save her is the man/wolf who shows nothing but respect while she insists on keeping him at bay.

What does Mac have to do, such as save her from a monster, to prove he would do anything for her?  Is that enough for Rogue to soften her heart for more than a couple or thirty-some rolls in the hay in one weekend?  Sex is awesome, but there’s so much more to the one true mate.

I adore the voice of Lisa Ladew, and anyone looking for a light, springy, sexy romance should download this novel right now!

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