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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

To The Fall by Prescott Lane

Quite the demands from a therapist.  Something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, although, maybe it will make the client better.

Pierce Kingston has a court order to see a therapist.  It’s what’s demanded of him that leads him to squirm and rebel against the therapist.  A sex diet!  What the hell is that?

Pierce is a man who plays and always wins, going on to the next game or woman of the day.  They know it, and he makes no commitments. 

His best friend, Annie, has a past and a secret they both keep safe without talking about it since they were kids together.  I personally wanted Annie to be his new and then permanent squeeze, but that’s another part of this intriguing story.

Pierce owns hotels, which he promoted and strengthened the businesses with his own hard work.  In walks his new competition, Sutton Presley.  Beauty grace, and a bit too nice. 

Pierce doesn’t understand that a woman can hold his heart and his penis at the same time.  Although, she won’t give in to sex immediately, so maybe that’s a blessing.

I don’t want to give up too much of this story.  The sex diet is unique and impossible-sounding on its own, but then there’s the best friend story and Pierce’s revelation that a relationship might not truly wreck his life but give him fulfillment. 

Quite the road to a happily-ever-after when so many variables bounce from page to page!

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