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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Veronica Reviews: LONESTAR'S LADY by Deborah Camp

“Someday you’ll burn for me, Mrs. Lonestar. You’ll want me as much as I want you. You’ll ask me to put out the fires raging through your body and I’ll gladly oblige.” 

OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK! Now that’s not a very professional review! I’ve got to do better! How about, THIS BOOK IS FREAKING AMAZING AND I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Uh, nope. Ok, let’s try this again…

Augusta Horton has lived a rough life growing up with no mother and a drunkard for a father. When she sees an opportunity to escape via a mail order bride ad, she jumps at the chance at finally achieving the dream of having her own home. But as luck would have it, her dream is shattered—the ad was placed by a drunk and a liar. Augusta is not one to jump from the frying pan into the fire, so she is determined to pull on her big girl pants, and find a way to make a life in this new town.

Max Lonestar is in desperate need of a wife. If he does not marry ASAP, his dream of owning the neighboring farm will revert to his rival. Seeing the plight Augusta is in, he offers her the chance to make a go at being his wife and helping him farm the land. Lonestar even gives her an out if after a year she’s not happy, she can leave.

Lonestar and Augusta have both come from a hard past—life has not been kind to them, but after saying “I Do”, they see how well they work together…and perhaps how much they could grow to love one another… 

Deborah Camp has weaved a romance as beautiful as the western landscape set as the story’s background. Lonestar is the hero we all dream about…“This man. This beautiful, kind-hearted man belonged to her. In her wildest dreams, she could not have imagined it. But here she was, and this was not a dream.”I’m so in love with these characters, and I highly recommend Lonestar’s Lady!

My fav quote:

“Time is a yardstick we can’t see, so you’d better live each day as if it’s your last – your final legacy and how you’ll be remembered.”
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