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Friday, March 9, 2018

Veronica Reviews: SAY YES by L.K. Shaw

“Never before had I felt such joy. Every heartbreak in my life had led me to this exact moment. I’d had to go through hell to arrive in heaven. I’d been broken, but Philip and his love had helped heal me.”

Sometimes even those that are the most broken still find the courage to reach out and ask to be loved, and in Casey’s mind, her best friend is the perfect solution…if she can only get him to say yes.

Philip can’t even imagine the pain and emotional trauma his beloved Casey had to have endured as a young teen…sold by her father to a man that used and abused her. Philip has loved Casey from afar, and has been content to be her companion and best friend. But when Casey asks him to teach her how to love and be loved, Philip is torn between finally having his heart’s desire or having his heart broken.

L.K. Shaw’s contemporary romance shows that friends do make the very best lovers. Say Yes to this read!

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