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Friday, July 20, 2018

It Must Be Christmas in July!

I don't get to watch much television, but the other night I had a couple hours to spare and I scanned through what was on and was surprised to see a couple Christmas movies. Then it dawned on me. It must be Christmas in July and I almost missed it! There's just something about a feel good story that centers around the holiday. That's probably why I've written so many Christmas romances. And they haven't been just cowboy or military Christmas romances either. I have a whole series that will end this Christmas that are very sexy paranormal stories inspired by A Christmas Carol. Why not share that goodwill feeling during the summer, too? I will if you will.
Happy Christmas in July!          
Always, Lexi

Christmas with Angel (Last Chance #1) Free 

Cole and Lacey may not agree on where to spend Christmas day, but when Angel’s abusive former owner crashes Christmas, the couple learn to focus on what’s most important.
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When Love Chimes (Broken Valor #1) $1.99

He’s the right man at the wrong time with an unwanted Christmas proposal.


Pleasures of Christmas Past (A Christmas Carol #1) $2.99

Though Jessica Thomas is thrilled to land the job of novice Spirit Guide, she’s been assigned a hot, arrogant Scottish mentor who confuses her heart. But what should concern her more, is will he protect her soul?

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Desires of Christmas Present (A Christmas Carol #2) $2.99

Kentucky born and bred Coco Baker has just been given the assignment of her spirit guide career, but she’s forced to partner with a Scottish upper class snob who thinks he knows what’s best for their living client. Despite him, she’s determined to do well on this case and find out what the arrogant man is hiding. Unfortunately, she discovers that sometimes not knowing is betterfor everyone.

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Temptations of Christmas Future (A Christmas Carol #3) $2.99

He set out to prove the future was far worse than she imagined. Now he wished it wasn’t.
Joy is paired with a problem Spirit Guide who tests her positive outlook beyond its limits. Will she persevere, or cave to her weakness for him?

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