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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Witness by Norah Roberts

Elizabeth Fitch was a self-made woman.  Actually, her mom made her by carefully selecting a donor sperm with all the right looks and intelligence.  Her mom wanted to plan and execute an exact life for her daughter.

Until after seventeen years of regulated meals, exercise, and an early place at Harvard neuroscience medical school, Elizabeth rebelled.

Go figure, she made it to seventeen till she disobeyed her mom’s directives!  Elizabeth picked the wrong new friend, the wrong day, and the wrong place.

Too bad she didn’t live in a small town, but a lot of trouble can find you in Chicago.  Underage drinking and the Russian Mafia top the chart for a bad time.

Over a decade later, Abigail Lowery, Elizabeth’s new name, finds a quiet and seemingly secure home in the Ozarks.  She trusts no one but herself and Bert, her guard dog.

Along comes Brooks Gleason with all the curiosity and interest of a police officer and a man.  Hell, that new woman living in the woods with all the security of the White House and beauty of a model must need some assistance. 

I’m going to have to compare Robert’s novel to a Sandra Brown book because the fast pace, intensity, twists, and unpredictability gave me the shivers as I raced through the story to find out how Brooks breaks through Abigail’s steel door of a heart and is able to help her come out from hiding and trust a man to love. 

If she falls in love, how can she let him risk his life.  Nothing’s easy.  Everything is worth love.

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