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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Match Making for Beginners by Maddie Dawson

Watch out where the gold dust sparkles and splashes the air because that is where love is wonderful and real.

And if you can’t see the shimmers, mistakes will be made.  Marnie can see the love in the air, but not for herself, so she’s not any better off in the mistake category than you and me.

At her first marriage to Noah, she meets the groom’s Great Aunt Blix.  Blix has the touch of magic, the books to cast spells, and a true belief in love for a life time no matter how many men it takes!Matchmaking cover

The marriage ends after two weeks.  Marnie falls into the idea that settling and being “normal” is her best choice.   Just ask her fiancĂ©, Jeremy.  Yet, Blix has no intentions of letting Marnie off the hook that easily.  Marnie has a great life ahead of herself and don’t think it’s getting back together with Noah, settling for a sweet but boring man, Jeremy, or being alone.

But how can Blix help Marnie after Blix dies?  I didn’t want her to die as I loved her as a character, but I didn’t feel she was gone when Blix left her Brooklyn triplex to Marnie with a condition.  Live in it for three months.

Marnie has to learn about love, how she can be a matchmaker, and what true love entails.  With built in tenants in Blix’s home, Marnie meets Julia, Lola, Sammy, and Patrick.  All have parts in creating her Big Life and it’s nothing but grand when a Thanksgiving fiasco sets it in motion.

Adorable story that I nearly passed up!

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