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Monday, November 19, 2018

It's here! FINDING HOPE (Colorado Veterans) by Tiffani Lynn has just released!

Finding Hope
Colorado Veterans Christmas
by Tiffani Lynn

Tiffani Lynn has written a Christmas miracle with Cy and Rosie’s romance.  Finding Hope is a love story of two broken people that find love in the most unlikely of places. - Veronica Reviews
Marine Corps veteran, Cy McMullen walked away from his life, and everyone he loved, never looking back. Suffering from severe PTSD from his time overseas has left him socially crippled and emotionally damaged. With limited coping skills and an inability to trust anyone, he now lives a hopeless, solitary life on the streets.

Registered Nurse, Rosie Rossi recently moved to Colorado Springs to be near her sister, after a forced estrangement that lasted nearly two decades. She loves spending time with her sister and family, but she needs something to call her own as she struggles to deal with the ghosts of her own past. She soon finds purpose in volunteering at the local Veteran's homeless shelter. 

One cold December afternoon, circumstance pushes Rosie and Cy together in a way that forces them to come to terms with things they've long since avoided. An unlikely friendship blossoms between the two with a warmth that could melt even the most frozen of hearts. 

In a season where miracles are born, fate chose to bring these two lonely, broken people together to heal one another. The pain of the past is the only thing standing in their way, but they both have been given a gift, something they thought was gone forever... hope.

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