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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Madam Love Actually by Rich Amooi

A romantic comedy that will lighten your heart, give you a break from obligations, and just provide pure giggles and fun!

Emma Wright, aka Madam Love, truly has a gift to help people find their one and only.  It’s not always what the client thinks they’re looking for but it’s real!

Lance Parker, author of negativity on the relationship scene, was first heard by Emma on the radio.  Lance told all listeners that soulmates don’t exist.


Emma knew otherwise.Madam Love, Actually

A deal made on live radio challenged Lance to stick to his claim on the non-existence of soulmates, while Emma insisted she could prove him wrong.

Emma’s job was on the line with this challenge along with Lance’s novel wavering between great sales and no sales depending on the outcome of the challenge.

Emma didn’t consider looking for her own soulmate.  She’s too tied up with keeping her business afloat.  Lance can’t go back on his statement about soulmates or his book will tank.

So, what happens when they run into each other?  When sparks fly and more and more neither believes or wants the unbreakable connection?

Love, romance, and serendipity have a lot of work to do on these charming, yet stubborn individuals!

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