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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thanksgiving Wrap-up

        Hello, gentle readers! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I know I did (and yes, we’re still eating leftovers, but that’s okay. I love Thanksgiving leftovers!).
        My son and his beautiful wife were able to come out for the holiday (along with their dogs). I will admit, our first night together was a little hairy. My pups don’t know my son’s dogs, but it turned out all right. After getting to know each other, they all got along…even Bella. She’s the Chihuahua and believe it or not, she is the boss, which is kinda funny…Kane, my son’s other dog, is a ninety pound German shepherd and even though my girls are less than five months old, they caught on pretty quick that this little nine pound wonder ruled the roost!        
I know I promised not to over-do with the cooking and the baking and the cleaning, but…well…it wasn’t a promise I was able to keep. I did go overboard, but that’s okay, too. Everything turned out wonderfully and my turkey looked like something out of a magazine!
It was nice having a couple days off from the day job as well, so all in all, a lovely visit with my son, some good food, and a day or two to just relax (which I really needed...I'm a little tired now).
I will admit that I was bad and did not work on my latest story in progress (truthfully, I didn’t want to miss hanging out with my kid and his wife), but that all changes tomorrow, which is Monday. It’s back to the routine of writing in the morning then heading off to the day job.

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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