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Friday, November 16, 2018

Veronica Reviews: FINDING HOPE by Tiffani Lynn

Finding Hope
A Colorado Veteran Christmas
by Tiffani Lynn
5 Stars
            Cy McMullen is a hero returned home like so many—suffering from a disease not easily explained nor cured.  Unable to stay in a confined area, Cy prefers to sleep outside and becomes one of the many living on the streets.  These homeless have become a target of cruelty and brutality, and Cy finds himself beaten and battered and in desperate need of medical care.  But can he get past his fears to reach out for the help he needs?
            Rosie Rossi is working through the demons of her past, and while volunteering at a local homeless shelter, she is drawn to Cy.  Seeing that he shares the same fears as her, she takes him to the hospital and makes sure he feels safe enough to get the care he needs.  Rosie sees beyond Cy’s dirty clothes and ragged appearance, and offers him a safe haven in her home to heal.  But it’s more than just Cy’s injuries Rosie heals, it’s also the piece of his soul he thought long lost.
            Tiffani Lynn has written a Christmas miracle with Cy and Rosie’s romance.  Finding Hope is a love story of two broken people that find love in the most unlikely of places.  I loved this story and highly recommend!
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