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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Reflections of a Sunday Morning

Hello, gentle readers!
I love Sunday mornings (yes, I know it's Wednesday now, but I always write my blog on Sundays...because I'm that way, but I digress...back to Sunday morning). They’re so quiet and peaceful. I can sleep in a little (if the puppies allow me to). Most of my chores are completed on Saturdays so I have a moment or two to just sit, have some coffee, and reflect. Or plan. Or think about what’s going to happen next in my current work in progress. Or maybe even read a little bit. I need those few minutes of relaxation. It puts me in a good place because after that, my Sunday chores begin.
I put up my tree today, but I have not decorated it. For those who know me well, this is unusual. I’m one of those who likes to complete a task once it’s started…in this circumstance, I can’t. The DH hasn’t brought the decorations down from the attic yet. I actually hadn’t planned on putting up the tree until next weekend, but the DH had other ideas so it’s sitting in my living room, bare except for lights. So far, the pups aren’t interested in it (thankfully…I have visions of seeing bits and pieces of Christmas tree strewn throughout the house…five month old puppies can get into a lot of mischief!)
I also bought my calendar for 2019 so later on, after I cut up my veggies and make my salads for the week, I’ll be filling in birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates then hanging it on the wall. I know it’s really strange, but I so enjoy doing this. Kinda gets me ready for the new year, which is right around the corner! Oh my gosh! Time seemed to fly this year (but I’ve heard this happens as one grows older)!
Speaking of the new year, I’d like to take this time to wish all of you a very happy holiday season. Hope the holidays bring you joy and peace, good times with friends and family…and of course, new books to read.

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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