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Monday, December 3, 2018

Veronica Reviews: TRUST GAME by Kitty Thomas

Trust Game
Kitty Thomas

4 Stars
            “I could make you want anything.  Play a trust game with me.  You’ll see.”
             Astrid has been locked in an abuse relationship with her murderous human trafficking husband.  A delayed flight causes her untimely arrival at home, and interrupting her husband’s killer.  Feeling elated that her husband is dead and can no longer harm her, she doesn’t put up a fight when she’s kidnapped.  But as time ticks by, Astrid begins to wonder if she’s traded one evil for another…
             Angel has never once deviated from one of his contract kills.  But when he sets eyes on Astrid, there is something about her that calls out to his dominative nature.  Angel steals her away and offers her anything if she gives him everything
             In Kitty Thomas’ novella, Trust Game, Astrid is asked to take a leap of faith…with a killer.  Within a few short pages, the author lets us peak into a world of “what if’s” and“would I’s”.  If you are new to darker romances, this is a great one to kick start your addiction.  Enjoyed and would recommend!

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