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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Norah Roberts' Land by Ava Miles

Novel idea for a romance story!  Meredith Hale lived her free time by reading and nearly memorizing all of Norah Roberts novels.  Meredith wants them to be true, the fact that there can be a happily ever after.

She hasn’t found it in her life, yet. 

Meredith’s good-for-nothing ex-husband not only treated her with disrespect and disdain before, but also after the marriage ended.  Her ex-, Rick-the-Dick, is running for senate in New York and is doing what he does best.  He’s making sure his infidelity and other bad habits aren’t reported by Meredith when she decides to write a series of articles for a well-known paper.

Meredith’s topic is “Can a person live in Norah Roberts’ Land in real life?”

This is where another journalist comes into play, hired by Rick-the-Dick (I like writing that!).  Tanner’s hired to love her and leave her.

Tanner is better than that.  But blackmail has its strength.

Ava Miles runs the gamut putting in love, comedy, murder, and multiple conflicts.  The language is fun, yet a bit chatty.  The story is creative with a lot of twists and turns, although I felt a tad wordy.  Yet, for Norah Roberts fans, this is a must to find out if her “land” is real.

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