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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Veronica Reviews: A PROTECTOR IN THE HIGHLANDS by Heather McCollum

A Protector in the Highlands 
(Highland Roses School #2)
Heather McCollum

5 Stars

"Forged from ashes of nightmares, their binding love was the most beautiful creation under heaven, made from the shards of their pasts.”

Scarlet Worthington is determined never again to be a victim.  Doing everything in her power to protect the other young ladies at the Highland Roses School, Scarlet asks Aiden Campbell, the clan chief’s brother, to train her and the other students in the art of being a warrior…to give these “Roses” the ability to use their “thorns”.  As each day passes, Scarlet begins to see that Aiden may be fierce, but underneath that gruff exterior, lays a kindness like non she has ever witnessed, as well as a past that has hardened his heart to all things English.
While his brother Chief Grey Campbell is away, Aiden Campbell has been left with the task of securing Finlarig Castle and its inhabitants.  Sticking with his grudge against the English, Aiden wants nothing to do with Scarlet, nor her students.  But Aiden has met his match when it comes to Scarlet, and her fierce determination to be trained in the art of self-defense.  
When Scarlet’s nightmare comes knocking on Flinlarig’s doors, she tells herself that she is no longer going to run.  Her fears will be buried in the past where they belong, and she will be stronger for having survived them…“Even the most shattered mess can be made into something stronger and more beautiful if we pick up the pieces.”  Aiden and Scarlet find there isn’t anything they can’t conquer so long as they believe in each other.
This reader absolutely loved A Protector in the Highlands.  Aiden and Scarlet’s story is full of intrigue, romance and kick ass heroines!  Highly recommend and can’t wait for the next installment!

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