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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Blood Bond Saga (1) by Helen Hardt

Vampire lust in its prime!  It’s not exactly Christmassy, but a great romance is always a gift!

I must not have read enough vampire romances lately because I wondered as I read this whether all vampires have one main topic on their minds:  lust. 

Dante somehow escaped the chains, literally, of a woman who lusted and drank his blood for ten years. You can imagine how disoriented and out of synch with the world he was.Blood Bond: 1       

Erin, a third shift ER nurse finds him in a ghastly state in the blood bank of the hospital.  For some unknown reason, they both find an immediate attraction, but with a lot of difficulties being able to take advantage of it, and each other. 

Dante can’t tell her he’s a vampire.  He also needs an education on how to control his sexual urges because with love making, he’ll want to suck her blood amongst other parts!

Erin hasn’t had a boyfriend for quite a while and desperately is willing to give chase.  But he keeps “starting it,” and then cuts her off and sends her away.

She decides maybe she just needs a good old-fashioned f***.  From someone else?  Dante’s not going to like that.      

But maybe, just maybe…

And that’s where it ends.  Grrr…

Well written and a page turner, yet I was disappointed that I got hooked because the only way to find out if they enjoy carnal knowledge of one another and whether Dante has truly escaped the chains of the evil female vampire, is to buy the next book! 

I’ve run into this recently, where the reader has to continue the story in the next book, but for me as a reader, I’d like a complete story in one volume.  It seems to be the new thing.  I understand that publishers would love another sale, but when I began writing the ending was to satisfy the reader and tie up loose ends. 

Rules change. Blood Bond Saga has nine volumes.  Does that mean I have to buy (2.99 each) nine times (nearly $27) to read a whole story in ebook form??  I think that’s an upsetting realization.  I’ve spent that much on a story before, but it was hard cover and complete. 

Or do I just not like change?  Blood Bond is a great story.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to jump into the next volume to see what happens, or if I’ll just be left hanging again. 

I’m really interested to know what you think.    

Read lots and enjoy!


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