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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Black Obsidian by Victoria Quinn

Black Obsidian

Right away, I loved Rome, a sophisticated lady with a good heart and a lot of strength to stand up for her rights.  Helping the homeless is what she does, but maybe it’s time to help her own life by letting in love.

Calloway owns a nightclub.  Calloway helps the helpless.  Calloway believes in domination.

Ruin is the nightclub, all about discreet domination and submission. 

And yes, ladies and gents, there’s plenty of hot and sexy scenes!

But wait, Rome and Calloway meet under slapping conditions with clothes on.

Calloway is apprehensive about letting Rome into his life, but he can’t and won’t stay away from her.  He’ll have to take it slow, if he wants to make her his sub.

Rome gives off no singles that she wants or would accept a submissive role in any part of her life.  She runs her own business, has supported herself since a teenager, so it’s unlikely she would let anyone control her mind or her body.

Calloway’s main plan is to keep devouring her body, and hope each little step toward “telling her what to do” will encourage her to submit.

Personally, I don’t see how Calloway can change the nature of Rome, even though they have the best sex ever, even though she doesn’t push him aside when he becomes demanding, even though his former sub is hot on his tail trying to get him back, and even though he’s lied, or left out the truth, about his complete lifestyle.

I kept reading and reading to find out how their mad sex and heated love turned out…

This is the only part that disappointed me:  read the next book “Black Diamond,” to find out what happens.  I prefer to have an ending to a book, not to be left hanging.  Sometimes, I pretend it’s the same book when I read the next one!

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