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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Going Back to the Office! Yay!


Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well!
It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon as I sit down to write this. Autumn is my favorite time of year, especially here in Arizona. The blasted heat of summer has gone, leaving in its place a little chill in the early morning hours (which I love). I do miss seeing the leaves change color, but if I’m feeling desperate for that, I can always drive up north.
So, after working from home since March, I am able to go back into the office on a limited schedule (two days a week – the rest of the time, I’ll continue working from home). This is the first phase and I have to admit, I’m excited although I have been going in on Thursday afternoons to pick up mail and send off FedEx packages.
I really missed being in the office…it’s so much easier to actually work. That being said, I’m really lucky that I was able to work from home and I consider myself very fortunate. I work for a really good company whose management really cares about the employees. Like I said…really lucky!  
My DH says he’ll miss me. I know the dogs will (there will definitely be a dearth of cookies coming their way…DH isn’t as soft a touch as I am when it comes to cookies for the girls). And I will miss sitting at my computer in shorts and ratty old t-shirt. By the same token, I really miss wearing dresses and skirts (I dress kinda preppy for work).
The writing is going well. I’ve almost made up for all those words I lost and maybe,

just maybe, the new words are better than the old (but I am my own worst critic when it comes to that). I’m liking the story very much, which is unusual. By this point―the dreaded, saggy middle—I’m normally having serious doubts. Not so this time. Maybe losing the words and having to re-write them was a blessing in disguise, though I wouldn’t recommend it.
I also filled out my ballot, ready to drop off at the voting center. 
And that’s about all for me for right now. It may be Sunday, but I still have a bunch of stuff to do…no rest for the wicked, you know? Stay well! Stay safe! Spread kindness wherever you go and don’t forget to vote!

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