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Monday, October 5, 2020


Today, I am thrilled to be interviewing Michelle Hedgcock, who is chatting with me from Michigan.  Hello, Michelle!

Lexi: Tell me about your significant other.

Michelle: My husband is an IT manager for a special medical company. He works hard there and here at home too. He’s handy around the house, does the laundry and helps cook meals. During gardening and preserving season he helps as much as he can, especially with the preserving. I feel I’m the luckiest woman to have such a supportive and involved husband. He’s a great dad as well. The relationship he has with our daughter (only child) is fantastic. We’ve been together since 1992 so I’d say we suit pretty well.


We met thru cruising downtown a local city. Initially I was dating one of his friends. His friend eventually married one of my friends. We’re still all friends. 😊
Lexi: I agree, you definitely have a keeper for a husband.  How old is your daughter?
Michelle: Alexis just turned 16 in July. With the pandemic getting her license was delayed so she just got it this week, as we were finally able to get into the secretary of state. 

Lexi: What's your favorite dessert?
Michelle: Vanilla ice cream with various types of toppings: hot fudge, chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, whipped topping. Or salted caramel ice cream. Oh, there’s also buttered pecan ice cream…that reminds me of my great grandpa because it was his favorite.

Lexi: What's your average day look like?
Michelle: I’m not a morning person although I try. I get up by 7 most days although I try to get up earlier than that. Doesn’t always work and since I work from home, I don’t feel the need to get my butt out of bed earlier than needed. I spend at least an hour checking Instagram and Facebook (I manage a few groups for clients so I check first thing in the morning to make sure nothing hinky has been posted or rude comments made) and reading. I eat breakfast then go out to let out the chickens, feed and water them. Some days I take a walk in the veggie gardens and orchard. I might harvest something, pull a few weeds, or address any pests. Then I sit down and do a quick look at email then I start my work for clients.

Midday 1 hour break for lunch where I read some more. Sometimes I’ll preserve what was harvested, bake, or do some food prep after lunch. Otherwise it’s back to the computer to work.

 Around 5 I start making dinner (unless it’s my husbands or daughters turn to cook, then I work until dinner is ready). After dinner sometimes we watch an episode of Forged in Fire or Mythbusters. Dishes are also done after dinner.

 Then I go back to work, depending in the time of the month. Or I’ll work on house paperwork like the budget, meal planning, bill payments, etc. Then I’ll read about ½ an hour before bed. I’m in bed by midnight but I aim for 11:30.

Lexi: Your day sounds sooo organized but with a nice mix of outdoors, fun stuff, home stuff, and work.  What do you do for your clients?

Michelle: I'm a virtual assistant for homestead bloggers. I do a variety of things such as research, Facebook scheduling & posting, write newsletters, edit posts and documents, manage FB groups, manage email.

Lexi: What is your favorite color?
Michelle:  Mid to dark purple 💜

Lexi: How often do you read?
Michelle:  Daily

Lexi: How many books a month do you read?
Michelle:  Average around 29

Lexi: What kind of car do you drive?  If you had a choice, would it be that one or a different one?
Michelle:  Haha! I drive a 1998 Chevy Silverado. It’s paid for and runs just fine. Once we have debt paid off we’ll save up to get me a mid-sized SUV. I haven’t decided which one I want though.
Lexi: My husband had a Chevy Silverado and I loved it.  It had a bench seat.

Lexi: How many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren all total do you have?
Michelle: 1 teenage daughter.

Lexi: What do you do for fun (besides reading romance novels)?
Michelle: Papercrafting, kayaking, biking, swimming.

Lexi: What did you think you'd be when you grew up?
Michelle: A manager of some sort! I had no clue what field I’d be in, I just knew I wanted to be in charge. LOL Now I’m in charge for sure…I am my own business.

Lexi: Before I let you go, lets do the quickie questions!

Dark-haired hero or light-haired? Dark-haired
Hot weather or cold? Hot
Coffee or tea? Tea. Coffee is ick!
High heels or boots? Boots
Cats or dogs? Cats
Cook or eat out? Cook
Flip flops or sneakers? Sandals
Hiking or swimming? Swimming
Perennials or Annuals? Perennials
Organized or chaotic mess? Organized

Lexi: Thank you so much, Michelle.  It was super fun learning more about you. 😊

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