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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The King's Concubine by Anne O'Brien

 A masterful historical romance from King Edward III's reign in the mid-thirteen hundreds.  

Alice Perrers origin is not well documented and can only be guessed at.  She has nothing and no rank in life, so she must survive by her own means.

King Edward III and Queen Phillipa have an arranged marriage, yet they truly love one another.  Queen Phillipa's health is failing and her, so she remedies her inability to have physical relations with the King by finding Alice and setting her up as the King's concubine.

Alice is not well liked by the majority of the royal house, but King Edward won't let anything happen to her.    Alice sets a plan with William de Windsor, possibly the love of her life, for when the King dies.  She can only have confidence as the King's court accuses her with treason.

This is a remarkable rendition of an historical era of which records are not always complete.  Anne O'Brien's research supplied her with gaps to fill in to create a dramatic story.

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