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Monday, October 19, 2020


I'm excited today to be interviewing Lisa Fishback, who currently resides in Texas.  

Hi, Lisa!

Lexi: How did you get into reading romance novels? 

Lisa: My sister was reading Harlequin, so I started reading them around 13-14 years old.  She also introduced me to other authors over the years.  Her best suggestion to date was Lexi Post. 

Lexi: You are so sweet! I’m thrilled that you like my stories. 💙

Lexi: What are you proud of? 

Lisa: Two things ~ my son and my career.  My son is 33 years old and a very successful business banker. I was a single mother and let me tell you that is not an easy job, especially puberty years.  That is a hard thing on a person but harder on the parent!  I could not be prouder of the man he has become.  As for my career, I have been in the travel industry for 36 years and with my current company for 30 years.  I love my job and feel blessed every day.  I have been to many great destinations because of this career and have never taken that for granted. We live on a great planet and I encourage everyone to travel!

Lexi: Your son sounds wonderful! I knew about your career as it was my inspiration for Angela in Heart of Frankenstein. But didn’t realize you’d been in that job for 30 years! Wow!

Lexi: What is your favorite color? 

Lisa: Orange because it is such a happy color. 

Lexi: That’s my husband’s favorite, too.

Lexi: What is your favorite book of mine? Why? 

Lisa: I’m addicted to the Eden series, but my all-time favorite is Masque.  I just love Synn and all the rooms, lessons learned, the many spirits involved; living and non-living. 

Lexi: I’m humbled that it’s one of my books.

Lexi: Do you have any pets? 

Lisa: 2 dogs. Misty is a 9-year-old Chinese Crested Powder Puff.  She is smaller at 10 lbs than her breeds name is long!  Nanu is a 2-year-old Morkie who weighs in at 6 lbs and is all kisses and snuggles.  I always have 2 dogs.  Dogs need dog companions as much as we need dog companions. 

Lexi: What is the best piece of advice you have received? 

Lisa: Don’t sweat the small stuff. In other words, if you can’t change it let it go. Hanging on to negative emotions is not healthy so think about it: Can you change the situation?  If not, let it go and move on.  This is a practice that does not come easy but when you do it often it becomes second nature to accomplish.

Lexi: I love that.

Lexi: If you could go on an all-expense-paid vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? 

Lisa: Switzerland in general.  Of all the places I’ve been this is my most favorite country.  It is absolutely stunning in views, history, architecture, food.  It has the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen. 

Lexi: What’s your favorite holiday? Why? 

Lisa: Thanksgiving. It was always my favorite time with my grandparents growing up and continues to be a favorite holiday focused on spending time with family and being grateful for our bond.  

Lexi:  Ok, time for the quick answer questions!

Spicy food or not spicy? Not

Beard or no beard? Beard

Hot weather or cold? Hot

Morning person or night person? Night

High heels or boots? Boots

Beach or mountains? Beach

Tattoos or no tattoos? Tattoos

Flip flops or sneakers? Flip Flops

Organized or chaotic mess? Organized

Sweet or salty? Salty

Lexi: Yay, this was fun!  Thanks for talking with me today, Lisa.  It was great learning more about you.  😊

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