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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door by Lucy Score

 My pick for a Halloween read is a witty, hilarious, and loveable character filled story starring Riley Thorn, the local psychic who wants to be normal.

Riley has just gotten divorced and screwed at the same time, and not in the fun way.  She moved into an old mansion filled with older people, each with their own unique personalities and a fun part of the adventure.  Except for the neighbor across the hall who got shot.

Riley foresaw the murder and decides she needs to understand her psychic abilities if only to help catch the killer.

It comes with a catch.  That would be the ultra handsome PI, Nick Santiago, whom Riley knocks down a flight of stairs while attempting to stop the murder.

Nick doesn't believe in long-term relationships, but Riley tempts him in a way he doesn't understand.  They figure out they need each other in special ways to solve the murder, and team up as investigators along with a cover of the "fake fiancΓ©" act.

Riley's eccentric family, her mansion-mates, and several other tag-a-longs combine their skills, humor, and perceptions to round up a team of bad guys and the couple-of-the-week, aka, Riley and Nick.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the wild antics of the elderly in Riley's apartment along with just how a crazy lifestyle is proved to be so much more fun and fulfilling than just being normal!  I highly recommend downloading this story.  Give yourself plenty of reading time because you won't want to stop till the end.

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