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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Thoughts for November


Hello, gentle readers!
Well, here it is Monday morning and I’m late writing my blog, which I usually do on Sunday afternoons, but as of last night, I didn’t have a topic (and as I sit here now, I don’t have one either). Seems to be happening a lot lately. I guess I’m missing outside stimulation. Didn’t know I needed that, but apparently, I do. Even going into the office twice a week is not fulfilling that need. In a building that generally houses about 700 people, I may see maybe ten co-workers throughout the course of the day, but that’s okay (I am so thankful I’m working and we are in the middle of a pandemic so it’s best to stay safe. No one wants to get COVID. I know I certainly don’t…we do wear masks in the office and we practice physical distancing as well as personal hygiene (my hands are so dry from repeated washings, no amount of hand cream is helping), but for right now, this is what we must do. I miss being able to hug someone thought (I am a hugger by nature).
So…what shall we discuss? How about kindness? I know that certain sentiment is not high on everyone’s list right now, but I truly believe in the power of kindness. In fact, I think a smile can go a long way in helping someone else along their journey (yes, our mouths might be covered with a mask, but our eyes can certainly show that we are, indeed, smiling). We may not always see eye to eye on certain subjects, but we can agree to disagree and we can do it nicely. Doesn’t hurt anyone to be kind or sympathetic or understanding (and even if the person you are disagreeing with cannot see that or feel that, you can. It may not help the conversation, but it would help you.).
In my opinion, we’ve lost the fine art of communicating with each other, of feeling empathy for one another and what we are all going through (not only right now, but always). We no longer know how to have a spirited debate. We hide behind our phone screens or computer screens and because we are not seeing your face, we feel we can say anything we please, regardless of the fact that it may hurt you.
And we do. Been seeing a lot of that, especially on social media. For the record, I may not agree with what you’ve posted, but I will respect your right to your opinions (there’s that word again) as well as your right to post those opinions. If I don’t like what you’ve said, I do NOT have to respond. I can (and should) scroll on by and not leave a disparaging or cruel comment. That’s not to say, I don’t have an opinion on what you’ve posted. I do (a lot), but they are my own and I generally keep them to myself. I do not have to share, nor do I feel I have the right to clobber you over the head with it.
It all comes back to kindness and the golden rule – treat others as you would like to be treated.
So next time you see a post on Facebook or Twitter or any other form of social media that arouses your anger, remember that golden rule and if you must respond, if you cannot just scroll on by, express your disagreement, but do it with kindness…and there it is…my opinion.
Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go. We need it now more than ever.

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