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Friday, February 19, 2021

Veronica Reviews - SCOT UNDER THE COVERS by Suzanne Enoch


Scot Under the Covers
The Wild Wicked Highlanders
Book 2
Suzanne Enoch


Historical Romance

“I’d rescue the devil from Hell if it helped ye, lass.”

Laird Angus McTaggart and Lady Francesca Aldiss started their life together with a fierce passion. But over time, Lady Aldiss can no longer tolerate the lifestyle of the Highlands and longs for her days in society living in London. After the birth of their daughter, Lady Aldiss tells her husband that he may keep their sons and raise them in the wilds, but she is taking their daughter to be raised amongst the cultured. Laird McTaggart, in great need of his wife’s large coffers, agrees to her terms—their three sons must all wed an English lass before their sister or she will cut off funding Clan Ross.

Fast forward 17 years, and the MacTaggert brothers find themselves at a loss when their father tells them of the agreement made with their mother. Coll, Aden, and Naill MacTaggert are determined no mother that abandoned them will dictate how they will live their lives, and descend upon Lady Aldiss with plans of their own. Alas, their mother will not budge, and after Naill finds love and marriage, Aden and Coll start to feel the noose of their future nuptials.

Aden is known to be more reclusive than his fisticuffs elder brother, and tends to keep his own company in the midst of the local gaming hells of London. But when a feisty damsel in distress approaches him for assistance, Aden starts thinking that perhaps being with one woman to call his own for always isn’t such a bad bet...

Miranda Harris can’t believe her brother has sold her off to cover his gambling debt. Sworn to secrecy out of fear of hurting her family, Miranda opts to fight fire with fire by seeking assistance in a fellow gambler, Aden MacTaggert. Never did she dream that she would actually grow to care for the Highlander…

Suzanne Enoch’s Scot Under the Covers is a fun fast-paced romance that I enjoyed and would recommend to lovers of this genre. I’m so looking forward to Coll’s story in the next installment of the Wild Wicked Highlanders series.

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