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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

I Hate, I Bake, And I Don't Date! by Alina Jacobs

 This story is truly hilarious, and I love Tess and her sad accommodations in Manhatton.  Not to mention her food binging, baking, and hatred (in a funny way) toward men.  

Tess works through a temp agency and is currently on the billionaire's payroll as an assistant.  Billionaire Beck Svensson fires help at random, typically rehiring the next hour the same person.  

Tess has been fired several times until Beck realizes he needs her.  Not too fast, he needs her as a babysitter for his grade-school age half-sisters whom he has the chance of adopting.  

Tess isn't sure about helping a man she hates (Beck), but rent is due, she needs baking supplies, and her dilapidated rental is growing mushrooms of a non-edible kind from the leaks in the ceiling.  She needs the money, and after meeting the girls, she actually kind of likes them.  Tess figures she can help the girls have a lot more fun than Beck will supply.

Beck is not so bad a man.  He just needs to learn empathy and how to treat his employees with respect, especially after he tells Tess part of her new position is to pretend to be his girlfriend. 

Snickered the whole way through the romantic comedy as Beck and Tess dueled and loved each other in their own ways.  So, let's hope the ending is with adopted sisters, Tess employed, Beck less introverted, and a happily-ever-after.  That's a lot to ask!   

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