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Friday, February 18, 2022

Veronica Reviews - A SCOUNDREL OF HER OWN by Stacy Reid

A Scoundrel of Her Own 

(Sinful Wallflowers #3)

by Stacy Reid

5 Stars


“I felt I have been waiting all my life for this moment to love you.”

For 15 years, Devlin Byrne has worked his way up from nothing to be worthy of the girl who stole his heart so many years ago when he was just a boy of 12.  Now a powerfully wealthy man, Devlin has garnered a reputation of being both faithful to those he cares for as well as ruthless to those who would cause them harm.  But regardless of his wealth and power, he is still not considered worthy of being part of the ton.  Devlin has fought too hard to achieve his heart’s desire, and he will continue to plot and wait for as long as it takes to claim his beloved Fifi.

Lady Ophelia Durby is the only child of a powerful marquess.  Her doting parents have always allowed her to choose her own path in life and encouraged her to only marry for love…so long as she brings no scandal to the family name.  But Ophelia’s heart was stolen long ago…by a boy with a heart of gold who saved her from certain death…who made her feel cherished, protected and loved just as she was…a boy who begged his Fifi to wait for him…

Stacy Reid has once again hit it out of the park in her third installment to her Sinful Wallflowers series!  This story is full of all the heartwarming sinfully romantic feelings I’ve grown to expect and enjoy from her romances!  To the moon and back I loved Devlin and Fifi’s story and highly recommend!  Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

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