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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Hello, Transcriber by Hannah Morrissey

 Not only does Hazel Greenlee listen and type the crimes of Black Harbor for the police force, but she somehow gets involved.  As an aspiring author, this may help her out of the hole of a life she feels surrounds her.  

Being privy to the details, she gets tangled up with a crime and seduced by a detective.   Only one of these is willingly.

Nikolai Kole is a veteran detective with a past.  He fights crime unconventionally and loves women of many types.  When he encounters the new transcriber, he reveals secrets to Hazel.

Hazel doesn't reciprocate her secrets.  Yet, the chemistry is binding between them. One thing she pounces on is knowing a man involved in the selling of drugs to kids.  

Kole brings her on a covert mission to take down the drug dealer who's also a murderer.  

Through many close contact situations, a type of love festers and becomes physical in backseats and dark rooms.  

Is it a love that can outrun the hidden truths Hazel holds, and the forced deception of Kole?  Can their lives endure the danger and crime enveloping the dark city?

A contemporary, spooky love story darkened by crime.  Keep the lights on and keep reading.

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