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Friday, February 4, 2022

Veronica Reviews - KNIGHT TIME KISS by Brynn Paulin

Knight Time Kiss 

by Brynn Paulin

5 Stars 


“I love you…you are my very heart…”

For years Emma has dreamed of her knight, but each dream ends the same…after a kiss, she is swept away from his embrace only to wake alone in her bed.  Out of habit, Emma twists her grandmother’s ring on her finger.  Running her fingers against it, she remembers that her grandmother once told her the ring would bring her what she needed the most—what she desired in the deepest part of her heart.  And what Emma is wanting the most is to love and be loved…to no longer be alone…to have a family…

While thinking of her knight, Emma slips her grandmother’s ring on her finger and suddenly finds herself dropped in a strange location with people screaming “witch” at her.  But like in her dream, the knight that always held and made her feel safe and loved is there and prepared to defend her.  Emma is both thrilled and terrified at finding herself back in time with her beloved knight, but how will she survive the loss, if it all disappears with a kiss…

Oh, how I luvs time travel romances, and Brynn Paulin did not disappoint this reader with her smexxy romantic tale of a knight and his lady sharing a dream and falling in love.  Did not what this story to end!  Loved and highly recommend!

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