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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Catch up before the next Last Chance story by Lexi Post releases!


Book #7 of the Last Chance series is coming out soon. So be sure to catch up, starting with the first three books!


by Lexi Post

Welcome to Last Chance Ranch, created for rescued horses, home of rescued hearts.

Cole Hatcher, the cowboy firefighter who has already had a second chance with Lacey, has once again let his mother come between them. It’s not until Lacey spends Christmas with Angel that Cole realizes it’s his last chance at forever with the woman he loves.

Soon to be divorced Trace Williams doesn’t usually find himself attracted to women who point a shotgun at him, but when he meets Whisper Adams, the squatter who has no social skills but a unique ability to communicate with animals, he’s intrigued. Unfortunately, there’s a reason she’s living off the grid, and she soon becomes Trace’s Trouble. With his heart in tatters once again, he has to decide if he’s going take one last chance on love.

Firefighter Bo Fletcher knows better than to get involved with a woman he rescued from a burning building. Unfortunately, when animal rescuer Dana Wilson shows up at the fire station to give him a piece of her mind, sparks fly that he can’t put out, and she is soon dubbed Fletcher’s Flame. Now as fires seem to follow in her footsteps, he’s got one last chance to gain her trust or lose her forever.



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