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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Guest Author: Alexa Bourne

We are very pleased to have Romantic Suspense author Alexa Bourne here with us as she celebrates the release of her newest book CARRY ME HOME. Though she is supposed to be on vacation, she didn't turn me down when I asked her to visit :-)

I’m on vacation. Yes, it’s true. I got on a plane, went several hundred miles away and I’m spending quality time with family and friends, chomping on some awesome seafood and walking the glorious beach. So what’s the problem?

I can’t relax.

Since I’ve been a published author, my mind is constantly churning. I’m plotting books, planning ways to promote those books and interacting with other authors and readers. I’m ALWAYS doing or thinking something related to Alexa Bourne, the author.

When I made my reservations for my vacation, I was ecstatic. I looked forward to leaving my electronics at home and spending countless hours reading other people’s books. I dreamed of walking along the beach listening to the waves crash against the sand. I yearned for a chance to slow down my brain, to smell the roses outside the house, and to just be lazy.

But then my publisher mentioned my next book, CARRY ME HOME, would be released during my trip. And I’d forgotten I agreed to teach 2 online classes for writers during June. And my next manuscript, the one I wanted to submit before my vacation, wasn’t near being ready to submit the night before my flight.

So my vacation plans changed. With the book’s release, the promotion for that, and my online classes, I promised myself I’d only spend a certain (SMALL) amount of time on the computer each day. As for the manuscript, I decided to step away from it for a full week and work on it during the 2nd week of my trip. I knew, in the long run, the 7 days would be better for me and the story.

Surprisingly, I’ve been able to keep to that schedule for the most part. But each time I sit down to
have a drink with relatives, share some favorite foods with friends or lie on the couch to read, I actually feel guilty. The urge to get up and write or work on a promo spot tugs at me constantly. And secretly, deep down in my soul, I worry if I’ll ever be able to completely relax again. This was supposed to be my 1 and only vacation for the rest of 2013. Relaxing was necessary.

Now my vacation is a few days from being over and I really don’t feel completely rested or relaxed. Yes, I’ve been able to read more, sleep late and hang out with family and close friends, but each day I still felt the tug of the chain urging me back to the computer. You might think I’m upset or annoyed about this, but I’m not. Why? Because this was my dream job, the career I’ve always dreamed for myself. So I’ll take the worry, the busy life, the constant thinking of Alexa Bourne’s life if it means I still get my books published. I’ll just have to force my brain to relax on another weekend later this year.

What about you? Do any of you ever feel you don’t have a moment to relax even during your so-called “vacation”?

For more information on Alexa, visit her at:

Twitter: @AlexaBourne


  1. Alexa, I know what you mean. It's hard to sit at work and focus when you'd rather be writing. And the energy that comes from a story finally falling into place can make it hard to sleep. I recommend lots of yoga and massage and wine. :)

  2. I just recently went on vacation with my hubby, and I left my computer at home. I took my tablet, but I promised him I wouldn't connect while on vacation. And I didn't. It was hard though. But, I did bring my notebooks to write my stories in. And I did read on my tablet.

    Yesterday, while watching Man of Steel, I was thinking about worldbuilding. LOL

    So, not, I can't completely drop the "writer" in me while trying to relax.

    Hope you're having fun!

  3. Jennifer (JC Page)June 16, 2013 at 2:41 PM

    Great interview! Yes, I am the same way:) I am chained to my computer. Can't seem to rest the mind. Have fun on your time off! I think physical activity helps, like walking, swimming...

  4. Thanks, everyone! Well, today I sat on the beach and read and listened to the waves. So that was a PERFECTLY relaxing day!

    1. And you didn't about any of your stories at all? Hmmm. :-)

    2. LOL! Oh hell, I came up with a plot for a brand new story!

  5. Hey Lexi,

    I hope you're enjoying yourself. For my next vacation, I want it to be a 'stay-cation'. So, I can just be home and write. To me, that sounds like heaven. I love writing and slipping off to another world while I'm at home sounds like the best thing since clean water.
    I don't have to pay for travel, or gas, or hotel rooms. I don't have to research which places to go or what tickets to buy. I can just sit on my keester and travel in my head - and isn't that the kind of experience we're trying to capture for readers?

  6. Evelyn, if you can do that then GREAT! I know I would NOT be able to do that.

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