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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh, Those Eyes!

As a reader, I love it when an author describes a hero’s eyes, especially if they sparkle with mischief or humor or become darker with passion. And what amazes me most is the varied and sheer amount of words an author can find so the reader will know the exact color. As a writer, I have several sources I use to help me and of course, there is the internet to help as well.  

I will admit, I’ve always been attracted to blue eyes so let’s take that color. We have azure, sky blue, sapphire, cobalt, violet-blue, cerulean, turquoise, lapis lazuli, steel, indigo, royal, cornflower, electric….you get the picture.

The same can be said for green. There are so many shades of green. I myself have said my heroine’s eyes were the color of new leaves….now how’s that for a description? One of my hero’s has sherry-colored eyes…..which is really a sort of brown, like …well….sherry. I like brown eyes..…..they can run the gamut from chocolate brown to tawny, like a lion. My husband has brown eyes (dark brown, like coffee) and when I look into his eyes, I see my past and my future. I also see love….and a good deal of humor. Yes, his eyes do twinkle!
 I’ve noticed a lot more gray-eyed heroes and heroines (and yes, I admit, one or two of my characters have gray eyes….I myself have gray eyes…..well, they’re kinda blue, kinda grey, not quite as dark as slate….and they can change with what I’m wearing. I know! It’s the strangest thing….if I wear something that is spring green in color, my eyes will turn a beautiful shade of dark blue. If I wear blue? Well, they seem to get a little grayer. It’s weird….but again, I have digressed (and really, did you expect me not to go off on another tangent….I do that a lot).
What about hazel eyes?  Or a heroine with amethyst eyes, which I think are beautiful. I do find it curious though that I haven’t run across a man having amethyst eyes….why is that?
So, the eyes have it. Be they sparkling with wit or shadowed with sadness, what color eyes does your hero have?

As always, happy reading!


  1. I love your "new leaf green!" You so quickly came up with so many unique colors-very impressive. I've actually read some stories that didn't tell me the colors-I need to know! My hero-my husband-has crystal blue eyes, which also change in depth depending on what he's wearing-but they're always startlingly handsome!!!

  2. Marie, your skill with description is showing. You do such a great job giving your reader a full "view" of the character :-) Love your writing!