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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Highlander in Disguise by Julia London

 I wasn’t sure reading a story about a highlander IN DISGUISE would come forth with the picture I have in mind of this hunky, beefy badass type I’m used to, but alas London made me want Grif Lockhart all the same.  Oh yeah, and I did root for Anna Addison, a witty and upstanding woman who knows how to stand tall for her rights.

Grif disguised his name and his powerful machine of a body into a party boy of London for a virtuous reason, which is very manly in itself.  I won’t tell you his reasoning as I’d like to keep you wondering.
Highlander in Disguise
Grif does need the help of a young maiden whom he makes a deal with, and she’s quite the deal maker.  After considerable deliberation over the barter, Grif agrees to “teach” Anna how to seduce a man well enough to get her choice interested in marriage.  If Anna is able to do this, she will reveal her secret, which will send Grif home with the conquest of his mission. 

It’s quite obscene to teach a woman flirtatious means when you (as in Grif) decide that the absolutely enticing drills should only be practiced and used on yourself.

Julia London simmers the usual role of a highlander amongst the parties, yet she knows when to show the true colors of the highlander-cunning, sexy, and powerful can never be mistaken in any costume.  Anna is more than just a party girl looking for a man.  She’ll only take him if he takes her as is. 

I just hope Grif realizes Anna will show hers if he shows his-real personalities, of course!

I canna for the life of me see how ye might pass on this scandalously romantic story.

Happy Reading, Dawn 



  1. Dawn, this book sounds awesome. Definitely going on my TBR list. Of course, you can't go wrong with a Julia London book :-)

  2. There's just some authors I turn to and know I'll be greatly entertained. After I read it, I couldn't help but "talk" Scottish as London does a fantastic job with the accent!