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Friday, June 7, 2013

Offline or Online Shopping for Books?

My name is Lexi Post and I despise shopping. I admit it. I know, strange but it’s true. I can’t stand going into stores to try on clothes, or look for just the right gift, or find a new author to read. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I love to do all those things. I just prefer to do them online :-)

Honestly, with offline shopping, my feet get tired, I develop a terrible thirst, and I have to avoid rush hour traffic so my time is limited. In fact, I dislike it so much that it wasn’t until this Monday that I finally made myself go into a clothing store and shop after a decade of not shopping for clothes in stores. Granted, I hadn’t shopped for new clothes online either in over six years, so I didn’t even know what size I wore anymore or what styles might look good. It took me three hours! I bought 3 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts, 4 tops, and a wrap for a total of $116. Now that’s my kind of shopping, if it had been online. 

So what about book shopping? Okay, granted, there is nothing like going into an independent bookstore or Barnes & Noble and buying a hot chai as one peruses the colorful array of romance novels in every sub-genre possible. There is just something about being around books that fills the soul. They’re like old friends. And about once a year, I enjoy that little experience.

However, it is online shopping for me, in general, and for books in particular. The first reason is I live on a Caribbean island and though our one bookstore does have a romance section, (highly influenced by me), it is small. So to really get the breadth of authors I like, I need to go online anyway.  Plus, when books are shipped, they get here faster than me traveling across the island to where the bookstore is! Mainly because to save gas, I don’t go over to that side of the island unless I have multiple things to do there.

Another plus for online shopping is the option to buy electronic books which I read while on the treadmill. They are the only incentive that gets me on the @#$% thing :-} Since my debut book Masque is only in ebook right now, I’m am very pleased that people can buy my book online ;-) I don’t know about you, but I buy lots of books online. Just trying to keep up with all my friends’ books is a challenge, but with easy access online, it makes it fun to shop for their books.

Which do you prefer?  Do you like to go into a store and surround yourself with physical books before buying, or do you prefer to sit at your computer and click away?



  1. Great post, Lexi! I'm so pleased you went offline shopping. It can be fun and seriously, three hours isn't that bad (heck, sometimes it's taken me three hours just to find something that fits 'right'). I never shop online for clothes for the simple reason that whatever looks great on the model, very seldom looks that great on me.....I must try on (which probably explains why I don't do it that often). I agree about the books, though. For books, there's nothing easier than finding a book online then downloading to my kindle. Takes less than a minute. Here's hoping you have more wonderful offline shopping experiences.

    1. OMG three hours felt like an eternity! I'm just glad some of the clothes fit! I much prefer finding an online site that has clothes that I have figured out the right size on and can simply order them. But it had been so long, I really had no clue what my size might be. And yes, it was different :-} I love buying books online, especially when I read about one that sounds good and I can simply click through and buy it. Way too easy which has the drawback of being a bit tough on my budget.

  2. I'm with Marie on the clothes-type of buying. I have to try it on-never looks the way I expect!
    Books are another story(!). On- or off-line works for me, but I have to admit it's more on-line. As you said, it's easier and more choices. And I do like the savings in time as time is so elusive!!

    1. I agree, the savings in time is huge. I used to buy my work clothes from this one site that had nothing but bright colors. Loved it. Then they were bought by another company and there went my yellows, oranges and lime greens. Part of why I stopped shopping. Wish I could find another site like that . But books are so easy to buy online. I do about 95% of my shopping for them that way :-)

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