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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Alexis Walker Reviews A GOOD MAN FOR KATIE by Marie Patrick

When it comes to heartwarming westerns that include exciting adventure and romance to spare, Marie Patrick delivers. Her book A GOOD MAN FOR KATIE is no exception. 

Katherine O'Rourke has been sent away by her General father after a scandal with the wrong kind of man in Washington D.C. which almost got her arrested. Having had it with his daughter's poor judgment, the general sends her to her aunt, but Katie has other plans and travels to see her sister in Arizona Territory instead.

Chase Hunter, an army Captain, is on a secret mission to find his brother's murderer and the guns that were stolen from the army. When the townspeople of Crystal Creek assume his low strapped gun means he's a gunslinger, he allows the impression to stand, convinced the mistake will help him in his quest.  What he does not expect is that he will have to save the new school teacher numerous times.

Katie no longer trusts her own judgment, so her resistance to Chase is strong. Chase, on the other hand, is set on his mission and doesn't want to involve Katie for fear she could get hurt. Unfortunately, Katie attracts trouble like honey attracts bears, and the two are soon thrown into close proximity time and time  again. Chase decides she needs round the clock surveillance and gifts her with Sarge, the most loveable, bravest, and funniest dog to hit the pages of a romance novel in years.
The plot thickens as secrets are revealed both from the murders' side and the Army's side, but when Chase betrays Katie, she is convinced she has once again exercised poor judgment. Add to this tension a runaway coach, a secret tunnel, and an attempted abduction, and the reader can't help but be riveted to the story.  When the townspeople turn against Katie, the reader will burn with anger and cheer when she stands up to them, no matter what the outcome might be.

This story is filled with beautiful descriptions of the Arizona Territory, strong emotion that pulls the reader along, and full blown characters that appear as average people thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Add to this, historical accuracy from clothes to books, good pacing that allows one to catch a breath, and a strong journey towards love, and it makes A GOOD MAN FOR KATIE a western romance that should not be missed.


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