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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reading Time

     Oh my gosh! I actually have some free time (carefully carved out of my busy schedule) so, of course, my thoughts go toward….reading a book. I downloaded a bunch of Tessa Dare’s work onto my Kindle (thanks to a gift card for Amazon) and I can’t wait to dig in.
            So when an opportunity like this presents itself, how do you get ready? Do you sit in a favorite chair? The couch? Lay in bed? Do you have a nice tall glass of iced tea? Or wine? Coffee? What about something to snack on? Because you know you’re going to be sitting there for quite some time. Cookies? Cake? A big bowl of chips? Chocolate?
            For me, it’s the corner of the couch. I rest my Kindle on the arm. There’s a cup of freshly brewed coffee next to me and a bowl of grapes (I’d rather have some Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano cookies, but when in reading mode, I can demolish a whole bag and that’s not good for my waistline). Okay, now I’m ready.
              And here comes the dog with that look in her eye and her stuffed animal in her mouth. She wants to play simply because I’m sitting down for a change. *sigh* Looks like this carefully arranged reading time will have to wait.

As always, happy reading!


  1. This happened to me last night! Didn't have the time, but wanted to read a bit more of Jess Michaels Introduction to Pleasure. I sat on the couch with my cup of tea and leaned back (lazy boy in the couch) and my 13lb cat decided it was a good time to lie on my chest, fur in my face, and making it hard to breathe. But I persevered! I simply moved my Kindle to my other hand while he promptly fell asleep. My 20 minutes of reading turned into an hour because he was sleeping, so I guess I can't complain :-)

  2. Our furbabies pretty much get what they want from us, huh? I admit, mine are spoiled. You were able to read for a bit though....I found it impossible with that stuffed animal nudged in my face (not only the first one she brought me, but each one after that, along with her rope toy and various sized balls)....By the way, I absolutely loved Introduction to Pleasure!

  3. Read or play time?! I understand. I also use the corner of the couch and usually coffee-dark and rich as I hope the book I'm reading will be.