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Friday, September 27, 2013

PASSION'S POISON by Lexi Post on Paranormal Fragment Fridays blog hop

Welcome to the another week of Paranormal Fragment Fridays Blog Hop! Each stop on the blog hop will have an author posting a "fragment" of his or her paranormal work on Fridays and Happily Ever After Thoughts is featuring its paranormal authors.

Today, I am happy to post a fragment of a scene in my erotic romance, Passion’s Poison. Here the heroine is talking about her unique problem with her grandmother. Bea has to have sex and expel her poisons into men to survive, but then they become ill. Hope you like it :-)

Always, Lexi

Her grandmother knew how to get to the point. Okay, so could she. “I think I’ve found Mr. Right.”

Grandma stopped in mid-chew and swallowed. “Bea, really?”

“I think so, but I’m so afraid I’ll hurt him. I realized this morning that I have no idea how much is too much for a man to take. I’ve never been around them after… Uh, you know.”

Grandma nodded. “After sex? Yes, unfortunately, it’s different for different men. I had one man who could make love with me twice a week and not feel bad at all, but I also had another who became ill after just one time.”

Bea’s hopes dwindled. “How do they get sick? Do they vomit, have headaches, pass out? I have no idea what to expect for Zach.”

Chewing her cookie, her grandma thought for a moment. “It’s a lot like a virus with cramping, sometimes vomiting, generally diarrhea and often a headache. Those who are sensitive pass out. I think your first boyfriend did that, didn’t he?”

“Yes, we were teenagers and Mom hadn’t told me, so we had sex every chance we could for a week. He went into a coma.”

Grandma Beatrice patted her hand. “Yes, I remember. Your mother should have told you as soon as you started your monthly cycles.”

Bea sighed. “So, I guess what you’re saying is, I have to experiment. I was hoping for something a little more definitive.”

Grandma shook her head. “Honey, even if I could tell you exactly how a man could handle it, each of our generations is different. My experience is based on a higher level of poison in my system than you have in yours.”

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