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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Interview With Kayla Janz

Marie: Joining me today on Happily Ever After Thoughts is my very dear friend and fellow author Kayla Janz and she has some exciting news to share. Fill us in, Kayla. What happened?

Kayla: First, thank you for having me here, Marie. Yes, I did get some exciting news! June of this year I received a call from my publisher asking if I’d be interested in re-releasing some of my earlier work under a new line they are calling Whiskey Creek Press Torrid Classics. Unveiled Treasures came out Sept 5, Sinful Innocence next month and Chloe’s Christmas will be released December of this year.

Marie: Oh, that’s fabulous. I’m so happy for you! What are your books about?

Kayla: Unveiled Treasures and Sinful Innocence are romantic suspense stories that take place in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ. One of my favorite places and I thought the perfect spot for a story to unfold. Sinful picks up approx. 6 months after Unveiled ends and brings secondary characters into the limelight.  Chloe’s Christmas is a fun romantic spin on a Cinderella story with a tropical twist. Instead of a glass slipper she loses a flip flop and Prince Charming chases her 4000 miles to win her heart.

Marie: I’ve read all three and I can vouch for how wonderful they are. Now, for the fun stuff – a series of questions so our readers can get to know you. Ready? Let’s begin –

Favorite Season? Summertime – find me on a beach!

Favorite Holiday? Halloween – what better time to play dress up.

Favorite vacation spot? Hawaii – again, the beach

Favorite food? Chocolate. If I could eat it all the time and not weigh 500lbs, I’d be a happy girl!

Favorite Author (Pick me! Pick me! Only kidding!) Seriously, who is your favorite author? Jennifer Ashley and all of her personalities. Marie Patrick, Caris Roane, Karen Rose, and Cheyenne McCray round out my top five.

Best book you’ve ever read? Bertrice Small – Skye O’Malley – very first erotic romance novel I read and still my fave. My autographed copy has a place of honor on the bookshelf.

Best movie? Tough question, there are so many. Finding Nemo, Almost Famous, Stranger Than Fiction, StarGate, Patch Adams all rank close to the top.

Thank you, Kayla, for joining us on HEAT. I wish you much success with the re-release of Sinful Innocence, Chloe’s Christmas and Unveiled Treasures.

Thank you, Marie. It’s been fun!

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  1. Great news, Kayla! Whiskey Creek knows great stuff when they publish it ;-)