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Friday, November 8, 2013

Another HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Okay, so my birthday was a couple days ago, but I’m thinking I can make it last a week if I really try :-) Tonight I’m going out with friends to celebrate so I think today should count.

My week didn’t exactly start out on a happy note as I was in a car accident. Luckily, no broken bones and no long term injuries, so I guess that is a gift :-)

I love celebrating birthdays, mine or someone else’s. It means that we have lived another year. It gives us a chance to look back on the last year and think about what we have accomplished as well as think about our goals for next year.

This year for me has been a whirlwind because this is the year I went from an unpublished author to having two books out with Ellora’s Cave, one of which will be in print before 2013 ends (MASQUE), and a third book under contract and due out early next year. This allowed me to work with my very smart and thorough editor. I also had a great meeting with my awesome agent this year. Other highlights included spending time with my role model Jennifer Ashley/Allyson James at a conference in August along with two of my blogging buddies Marie Patrick and Kayce Lassiter. I also met new author friends and had fun with others from my Valley of the Sun writers group. Then in October I made a bunch of new friends at the Ellora’s Cave Romanticon. Wow, what a blast and what amazing people! I met tons of new authors like Karla, Andrea, Tina, Frances, Susana, and Cristal to name a few.

So how do I top this past year with this new year coming up in my life? Hmmm, well I do plan to go to Desert Dreams where I will see all my old writing friends from Arizona. I always love doing that. Then in May I will attend my first Romantic Times Convention. But first, and the best part of the year, I have convinced fellow romance writers to come visit me! Can’t wait to host Marie, Tina, Bev and Cathy in January, February and March. 

Of course, I have lots of writing projects on my to-do list including an erotic romance novella that will start a series as well as a full length erotic romance that will start a different series.

This is why I love birthdays so much. They are like personal New Year’s, full of possibilities and excitement. When is your birthday? Are you excited?

Always, Lexi