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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WALLBANGER by Alice Clayton

I love to read books that I wouldn’t even attempt to write.  Wallbanger is a witty, silly, and provocative story.  The characters hide nothing about what their thoughts can make them want and eventually do with each other.

The charmingly big city of San Francisco hosts Caroline, a designer who lives with her goofy cat, Clive, and Simon, the undeniably hot man in the adjacent apartment.  Keep in mind that Caroline’s bedroom wall is the other side of Simon’s bedroom wall, hence, “wallbanger.”wallbanger by alice clayton

They both live the single life, Caroline missing the big “O” in hers, and Simon getting all kinds of action.  When Simon’s “wallbanging” interrupts her sleep more than not and Clive likes to sing-meow along, Caroline confronts her neighbor.

They openly discuss what sex life fits their needs.  Unbelievably enough, this morphs into a friendship.  And that’s all you need to start a relationship, right?

I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough to get through each conflict that arose and to discover what could possibly keep these to adamantly single people in line with each other. 

A definite must-read to lighten your day!


Happy reading,
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